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  • Add RSorder to Favorite and Get 10% Discount Code on RSorder Facebook

Add RSorder to Favorite and Get 10% Discount Code on RSorder Facebook

  • OSR 40att,70str,1def
  • 22 D
  • 22 H
  • 22 M
  • 22 S
  • $ 39.99


Zeah is here in 2007 Runescape! Want to buy Runescape 2007 gold to help you explore the new continent? RSorder is a great option for you. Cheap OSRS gold for sale to all 07 Runescape players on RSorder. Besides, you can also get 10% discount code on RSorder Facebook. Learn more about the activity:

How to get 10% discount code on RSorder Facebook?

1. The activity will last from 03:00 a.m. GMT on Jan. 11 to 03:00 a.m. GMT on Jan. 23, 2016.
2. Search a RS-related keyword through Google or Firefox or other browsers and find Here are some keywords you can choose from: Runescape 2007 gold, OSRS gold, Runescape 07 gold, RS 2007 gold, 2007 Runescape gold, Runescape gold, RS gold, RS3 gold, Deadman gold, Deadman mode gold and Darkscape gold.
3. Screenshot the result of and post it under the comment of RSorder Facebook event. Here is the example of the screenshot of Runescape gold searching result.

 Buy RS gold & OSRS gold on RSorder

4. Open the result you have searched and now you need to bookmark the new RSorder page or add it to favorite. 
5. After bookmarked RSorder successfully, the star will turn to yellow and you need to screen screenshot the star with other part of our site. Post it on RSorder Facebook like the step 3.

Buy RS gold and OSRS gold on RSorder

How to claim for 10% discount code on RSorder?

1. Send PMs to Facebook page for a 10% discount code if you have posted two screenshots under Facebook event post.
2. Facebook admin will send 10% discount code to you through private message if your screenshots meet our requirements.
3. Back to RSorder to place an order with the discount code and contact our 24/7 live chat to get your RS gold (RSorder Facebook is not in charge of gold delivery job).


1. The 10% discount code is one-off code. You can use it only once.
2. The code do not apply for special products, such as time-limited products or profitless products.
3. RSorder Facebook work time is between 01:00 a.m. GMT to 10:00 a.m. GMT and Facebook admin will not be at work on weekends. If you send the screenshot during nonworking hours, please wait patiently and we will contact you as soon as possible when at work.

Why you should bookmark

1. RSorder offers a wide range of promotional activities, such as up to $ 10 off and the upon coming 50% off sale. It is wise for you to bookmark RSorder and keep your eyes on RSorder promotional activities.
2. RSorder provides latest Runescape updates, news, guides and more.

If you need RS gold or OSRS gold, RSorder always can be your best choice. Make sure to join in our activity and get 10% discount code to buy cheapest RS gold and OSRS gold on RSorder.

The RSorder Team

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