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  • Avoid RAT Virus in OSRS for the Safe of Your Old School RS Gold

Avoid RAT Virus in OSRS for the Safe of Your Old School RS Gold

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Lately RAT virus has been a bit of a concern for the users of Old School Runescape. Some of you may have noticed there has been increased numbers of hijack victims posting on the forums claiming they've not downloaded anything or entered details on sites that could be linked to phishing. Here RSorder offers not only cheap old school runescape gold, but also a guide on the nasty virus – RAT.


What is a RAT Virus and What Effects does it Have?


RAT's (Remote access tool - Remote access trojan) are a form of Malware that enables the intruder/hacker access and almost full control of a system using 'backdoor' into an infected system.


They are used to gain control of a victim's system, this could include full control of: Screen, System booting, Firewall options, Mouse + keyboard, Video content and Microphone (yes, if you have one built in the hijacker can listen to your conversations). That means they can pose to be you and send emails using your account. They can also delete/modify files and in some rare cases format hard disks removing absolutely everything, never to be seen again. That’s why you lose control of your OSRS account and lost your runescape 2007 gold.


How are RAT's Removed?


The best method of removing them is through formatting your PC for a basically clean slate. Some say system restores pre-downloading the virus will do the trick but I've never believe it. (formatting removes everything on your hard drive including your operating system).


Other ways to check if you have a RAT (Windows Users):
Open Command Prompt By going to Start (bottom left) click on 'Run' and type 'CMD'.
1. Type: cd %APPDATA%
2. Then type: dir /A-D /B
The following are RAT's:
2. SQlite3.dll
3. Server.exe


There are many ways to be hijacked other than keyloggers and common viruses. The world of cyber is a very insecure place to be, and yes it should be of concern to everyone. Hope this remind from the cheapest old school runescape gold site – RSorder is useful to you!

The RSorder Team

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