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  • Buy Cheap RS Gold to Get Extra 5% RS Gold Bonus for Christmas and New Year

Buy Cheap RS Gold to Get Extra 5% RS Gold Bonus for Christmas and New Year

  • OSR 40att,70str,1def
  • 22 D
  • 22 H
  • 22 M
  • 22 S
  • $ 39.99


Hi, everyone! We do believe that most of you have been over-excited to see some RS Xmas gifts, now we want to spicy it up. You will get free 5% RS gold bonus if you buy cheap RS gold on RSorder.

Buy RS gold to get free 5% RS gold bonus

From 03:00 a.m. on December 19th, 2014 to 03:00 a.m. January 15th, buy cheap 07 runescape gold(above 10000k will get bonus) and RS 3 gold(above 50M will get bonus) you can enjoy extra 5% bonus with same price as before. That means the more you buy, the more bonus will get.

Buy cheap RS gold with safe and fast delivery on RSorder

Buy RS gold right at this time from RSorder and perform the game at its maximum, devoid of any more troubles. Choose RSorder, you can both enjoy the lowest price and fast delivery. All gold you buy from us are hand made by our expert gamers, and we promise you that the delivery time is within 5-10 minutes once your order is paid successfully.

Buy cheap RS gold by PayPal with no confirmation

As we know buying RS gold with PayPal and usually get confused phone and e-mail confirmation. Here comes RSorder Xmas Gift Packs, you can buy RS gold by PayPal with no confirmation during this period which is convenient and fast. That is to say once you placed your order successfully, you will get RS gold at once.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance. Please look forward to our next Xmas activity-Four Times Reward Points of RSorder. Thanks for your support.

The RSorder Team

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