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  • Buy RS Gold with Home Phone Enjoy RS Valentine Heart

Buy RS Gold with Home Phone Enjoy RS Valentine Heart

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Although Valentines' Day has already gone, the event of runescape Valentine heart is still alive. Players can take the good chance to collect Valentine hearts from monster drops, while training skills and on the Squeal of Fortune until Monday 25th February 23:59 GMT. They are stackable and tradeable, so you can stock them and trade with others for runescape gold or you can use it for yourself.


How to use Valentine hearts?


When enough Valentine hearts have been collected, you can click to send them in returns for various prizes:

Chocolate (random) - 50 Valentine hearts

Lovestruck pendant - 750 Valentine hearts

Heartbreak pendant - 750 Valentine hearts

Cupid bow - 1000 Valentine hearts

Rosethorn wand and Beating heart - 1000 Valentine hearts

Love at first sight emote - 1750 Valentine hearts

Jealous rage emote - 1750 Valentine hearts



1. These items are tradeable, however they cannot be traded on the Grand Exchange.

2. Giving one of these to unnamed Baby Troll will make it say "Yum! Me like be your Valentine!" and give you an option to name it as Valentine heart or change it's name to a random Valentine themed name (such as Darling or Sweetie). These names can be looped.


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The RSorder Team

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