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  • Detail Information about the Update Wilderness in Old School Runescape

Detail Information about the Update Wilderness in Old School Runescape

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Through the previous developer blog of old school runescape, there are lots of discussion and ideas showed up. Jagex is 100% respect players' opinion, so there will be some questions about the rejuvenation of the wilderness. Your opinions will definitely control the final result of wilderness.

Fountain of Rune

With the help of runic obelisk, you are able to cast any spell you like without using any runes. Especially for PKers, the Fountain of Rune will encourage some players to do a bit of alching or super heat some ores when they have run out of nature runes or want to make a bit of extra cash. So what's your opinion about adding the Fountain of Rune to the maze area in the far East of level 50 Wilderness?

Kill statistics

Have you ever calculate about how many times you have been killed in the wilderness and how many players you have killed? Would you want to? Jagex would like to install a kill statistic to offer you the ability to see how many times you have died in the Wilderness and how many players you have killed and of course the ratio between them. Besides, in order to stop players farming alt accounts or friends, the kill statistic can only be credited with a kill if the player dies above level 10 Wilderness. Do you like it?

Dropping tradeable items

When you are able to kill the player as a PKer, there is situation that they may drop their items on the floor to make it harder for you to get the loot. Well, it's seems unfair. Based on that situation, Jagex would like to make tradeable items visible immediately to all players when they're manually dropped in the Wilderness, so that PKers could claim them more easily. Will you support this idea?

Single Way Combat

Some players use combat with monsters to avoid combat with players in the Wilderness, while some of you feel this unfair. So how about allowing players to interrupt another player's combat with a monster by attacking the player? Will you agree with that?

There are still a lot of details about the rejuvenation of the wilderness, and all of you are the master of that update. Tell Jagex which one do you prefer and which one you do not interested to help them to make old school runescape better and better!

The RSorder Team

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