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  • Divination – A New Skill Appear in RS3!

Divination – A New Skill Appear in RS3!

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RS new skill divination

Jagex is currently targeting RuneScape 3 for release this summer, when a host of changes will hit the browser MMO's world of Gielinor. They are bringing a number of technological, gameplay and narrative improvements to the 12-year-old game, resulting in a very different RuneScape experience. The most striking of these is undoubtedly the HTML5 engine, but another eye-catching point is the coming of one new skill – Divination!


New Skill Divination Play a Key Role in RuneScape 3's Story!


Apart from the great tech improvements, in RuneScape 3, gameplay changes a lot. While combat and the like has been tightened, Jagex has mainly focused on a popular quality of life request from players; customisable UI. All menus are fully flexible now, meaning they can be tabbed or reshaped, and eventually players will be able to share their setups with each other. Two new skills will also be added to the game; while one hasn't been revealed, the other, divination, will apparently play a key role in the latter stages of RuneScape 3's story. Before the new gathering skill Divination comes, gather cheap runescape 3 gold on RSorder now!

Mod Mark mentioned Divination as one of the new skills at a press event. Check the video:



What is Divination and How It Applied to RuneScape?


The act of divination is essentially attempting to connect to a higher power in order to receive information that otherwise would be impossible or very difficult to obtain. Divination includes dowsing, scrying, tarot, as well as other forms of more object based psychic practices. (Note: this does not mean that all psychic practices are divination.) Applied to runescape you'll most likely see this working in a similar way that scan clues do for elite clues. A player will most likely use some sort of material focus in order to "scan" the surrounding area and gather what is hidden. It's application in a questing environment is also something that should NOT be overlooked, as it completely changes the ways in which you could interact with NPCs. It will be interesting for sure.


Prediction of the Coming Two RS New Skills!


Although not officially announced, players predict the two new skills will be Divining & light sculpting. The recent introduction of God Emissaries might be an hint to Divination. We've already had a big hint that Divination would be the next skill. In Guthix's memories, he mentions the Naragi practiced divining and light sculpting. It's not a far cry to assume light sculpting will be the second skill. Also, in an interview with Runezone, Mod Mark said the gathering skill, which I assume is Divination, will involve getting short term resources that can "do funky things" with other skills. Now get your bank full of rs 3 gold and await for the amazing new skills!


The RSorder Team

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