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  • Fast Divine Tears Collecting Guide with Cheapest RuneScape Gold for Sale

Fast Divine Tears Collecting Guide with Cheapest RuneScape Gold for Sale

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With the beginning of the Sixth Age and the death of Guthix a massive battle has taken place in lumbridge between the gods Saradomin and Zamorak. Saradomin and Zamorak are fighting over the tears of Guthix in order to become more powerful. The first stage of The Battle of Lumbridge is all about collecting the energy of Guthix by gathering Divine tears. Today RSorder offers not only cheap rs gold but also a guide for collecting Divine Tears fast. Check it now!


RuneScape Divine Tears Gathering Resources


Divine tears are gathered on the battlefield in two ways, through skilling from the various nodes scattered around the battlefield, or from killing the opposing faction's warriors.

1. For skilling on the battlefield you have 3 choices: Fishing, Mining, Woodcutting.
All Divine tears gathered will be placed in your inventory automatically. There is no minimum skill requirement to gather Divine tears, however the higher your level the faster you will gain them while skilling. Members have a daily cap of 3000, while Non-members have a cap of 1320.

divine tears gathering

2. For killing you just need to find and slay the opposing faction's warriors as they come across the battlefield. These NPCs are non aggressive and will only attack if provoked. They award very small amounts of combat xp, and all Divine tears obtained from killing them will go into your inventory automatically, unless your inventory is full. It’s the major way to gain Divine Tears, so just store cheapest runescape gold to fight! While killing the opposing faction's warriors you will also occasionally receive some Sacred metal fragments and on a more rare occasion you will receive an unfinished weapon part, these are used in making Weapon Overrides. There are 3 overrides for each faction.


Divine Tears Rate of Decrease


As you collect more and more Divine tears you will notice that they drop in smaller quantities, starting with five for each harvest or kill, lowering down to one per harvest or kill, this happens because you are only allowed to gather a set amount per day and as you get closer to that cap the rate at which you aquire them will drop. The amount of tears you can gather per harvest or kill can vary slightly depending on if you have any buffs active, either from the Random Events or through items bought from the Quartermaster.


Divine Tears Collecting Outside of the Battlefield


While the majority of Divine tears will be collected within the battlefield, regular activities outside of the battlefield can also yield Divine tears most commonly found in gathering skills they can also be obtained from killing monsters that have charms on their drop table. The following skills and activities will provide you with a chance at getting some Divine tears: Killing creatures that drop charms, Farming, Fishing, Herblore, Hunter, Mining, Runecrafting, Woodcutting. But it will take a much longer time to obtain your daily cap of Divine tears outside of the battlefield.


But whether you choose to skilling on the battlefield or out of it, it’s good to train your skills and gain Divine tear at the same time. Just buy runescape gold cheap on RSorder and the World Event the Battle of Lumbridge now!


The RSorder Team

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