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  • Gain EXP and Runescape 07 Gold by Quests to Comeplete Early

Gain EXP and Runescape 07 Gold by Quests to Comeplete Early

  • OSR 40att,70str,1def
  • 22 D
  • 22 H
  • 22 M
  • 22 S
  • $ 39.99


Today RSorder would like to draw your attention to some quests that can be done early in your 2007 career with low requirements. They provide good exp together with RS07 gold, and can be helpful to jumpstart certain skills, bypassing slow grind in the beginning.


EXP Quests List to Complete Early


Waterfall - 13,750 att/str exp each skill
Vampire Slayer - 4,825 att exp
Witch's House - 6,325 hp exp
Knight's Sword - 12,725 smithing exp
Imp Catcher - 875 mage exp
Priest in Peril - 1,406 prayer exp
Restless Ghost - 1,125 prayer exp
Tree Gnome Village - 11,500 att exp
Merlin's Crystal - Excalibur/Holy Grail prereq
Fishing Contest - 2,437 - 3,225 fish exp?
Death Plateau - 3,000 att exp
Rag and Bone Man - 500 cook/prayer exp each skill
Holy Grail - 15,300 defense/11,000 prayer exp
Murder Mystery - 1,406 crafting exp & 2k coins
Doric's Quest - 1,300 mining exp
Fight Arena - 12,175 att/2,175 thieving/1k coins


Huge Stock of Runescape 07 Gold on RSorder


It’s rather hard for you to gain huge amount of 2007 runescape gold early in the game. But at RSorder, it’s quite simple. RSorder has large stock of RS 2007 gold. You can get your 07 rsgold instantly on RSorder whether you need 100k or more than 5M rs07 money. What’s more, we also offer the cheapest old school runescape items that is necessary for your quest completion.


We don't have much time to make this super organized or list the req's/items needed/suggestions and all that. But having a list like this is still very helpful to know which ones to complete early. Some of these are for combat exp, others give a lot of exp in various skills. Anyway, RSorder hopes to easy your 07scape adventure not only with cheap runescape 2007 gold but also some useful tips.


The RSorder Team

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