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  • Get Free RS Gold & Fire Capes & Coupon by Finding Pandora’s Box on RSorder

Get Free RS Gold & Fire Capes & Coupon by Finding Pandora’s Box on RSorder

  • OSR 40att,70str,1def
  • 22 D
  • 22 H
  • 22 M
  • 22 S
  • $ 39.99


Do you still remember the Pandora's Box on our website? Wanna get some surprises from Pandora's Boxes? If so, you should never miss the chance. The latest RSorder Pandora's Box will be held on Sep 14, when we will offer total 35M runescape gold, two OSRS Fire Capes and more. Hurry up to get these free offers on RSorder!

How to find Pandora’s Box on RSorder?

There will be 10 boxes hidden on our site everywhere, like news, product page etc. Once the time’s up, you need to find out those boxes.

Once you find one, click on it quickly and some hints will pop out. Follow those hints to place order on RSorder as soon as possible.

After placing order successfully, come to our live help to claim your rewards. 

When will the activity start?

Time: at 03:00AM on Sep 14, 2015 GMT.


You are not allowed to exchange runescape 2007 gold to runescape gold and vice versa.

Each gift is limited to use, and people who first place the order successfully will get the rewards. So make sure to place order on RSorder quickly if you have found one.

More tips and clues will be unveiled on Rsorder Facebook to help you find them quickly. So pay attention to our Facebook. 

What gifts will you gain from Pandora’s Box?

There are 5 kinds of boxes on RSorder, and each one is bound to a certain gift, including:

Total of 5M free runescape 2007 gold (One portion of 1M osrs gold and two portions of 2M osrs gold)

Total of 30M free runescape gold (Three portions of 10M runescape gold)

Two of 70 ranged & 40 defense OSRS Fire Capes

One monthly RS membership

$10 off $100 coupon (available within September)

If you don’t know how to claim your presents in RSorder Pandora’s Box, you can click here to know more details.

RSorder Pandora’s Box is coming soon. Prepared in advance to snap up free RS 2007 gold, Fire capes and more on RSorder.

The RSorder Team

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