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  • How to Train RuneScape Divination Fast?

How to Train RuneScape Divination Fast?

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The newest skill of RuneScape, Divination is now live. I think it is the best time to know about the training of RuneScape Divination skill. Divination is all about collecting and making use of the energy spread about the world by Guthix's death and the return of the gods. You'll train by visiting colonies of wisps and harvesting this energy from them. Looking forward to train the new skill? Store cheap rs gold now!


How to Train Divination in RuneScape?


The basic training method is to visit a wisp colony appropriate to your level and to click on a wisp. This will stop the wisp moving, and convert it to a spring. Then, click on the spring to start gathering memories and energy.

Memories are non-stackable items that will accumulate in your inventory as you harvest the springs. Deposit these into one of the craters found near any of the wisp colonies and you'll have the choice to convert them to Divination XP. This will be your main training method for the skill. Alternatively, you can convert them to energy if you need more resources.

Energy is the core resource of the Divination skill. You'll use it to create the useful runescape items related to the skill, as well as in the next production skill. You'll collect it as you harvest wisps, but you can opt to convert your memories into energy when you deposit them at the crater if you need more. Alternatively, you can use it to increase your XP gain while converting memories. Energy stacks within your inventory.


Tips to Train RS Divination Fast!


1. When you are level 10 you will be able to make the boon. Every 10 levels you will be able to make a higher one. Save your energy for making it and give the rest to the pit. Honestly, 1 - 10 is the slowest. Once at 10, get the Boon (click on energy and select Boon) for an xp boost for the next area that gets you from 10 - 20. And so on for every area.
2. At level 10 you will unlock a new tier (located East of the Falador lodestone). At level 15 I recommend you harvest wisps from that location, and continue this pattern until level 80 where you unlock a new tier every 5 levels.
3. After the boon is made for that tier, and you're going for xp and not the rewards just yet (which I recommend), convert your memories into xp using both the memories and energy; the second xp option you will get. Make a boon with energy which increases xp for the next tier every 10 levels. Buy energy from players to speed up xp gains if you have cheap runescape money.


Note: Always make a boon ASAP. You may do this by clicking the "weave" option on your energy. This results in a 10% xp boost to the next tier.


The RSorder Team

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