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  • RS Pay by Phone - RSorder Accept "Pay by Phone" Payments

RS Pay by Phone - RSorder Accept "Pay by Phone" Payments

  • RS Gold 101M
  • 22 D
  • 22 H
  • 22 M
  • 22 S
  • $ 57.99

  • OS RS Gold 10100K
  • 22 D
  • 22 H
  • 22 M
  • 22 S
  • $ 39.99

  • OS RS Gold 15100K
  • 22 D
  • 22 H
  • 22 M
  • 22 S
  • $ 60.99


We offer pay by phone services now. RS pay by phone is an easy and convenient method of payment. A product or service may be paid simply by making a call. MobileCash is very simple to pay for Rs Gold from RSorder when you do not have a credit / debit card, paypal, moneybooker or western union.

How can I pay by phone on RSorder?

Buying RuneScape items from RSorder by phone is an simple method of payment if you offer virtual products or services at a low price, since this method is suitable for so-called 'micropayments'. To execute a payment by phone, all our customers have to do is:

First step: Choose RS items from RSorder and go to the check out. Select ‘pay by phone’ as the payment method.

Second step: Register for a ONEBIP account (if you haven’t done so already).

Third Step: You will receive a text message containing a 4 digit password to your designated telephone number.

Fourth Step: Fill in the password and click Sign in. You will then come to confirmation page and, after you reviewed your purchases, click Buy Now.

Final step: You will reach the payment confirmation page and your order will be completed. We will then email you to confirm that your order has been successful.

Why does paying by phone cost more than other payments?

Unfortunately, the mobile operators charge a high fee for paying this way and therefore, while being extremely convenient, paying by phone is more expensive than the other payment options offered on our site.

Welcome to pay by phone. It is broad range due to low-threshold aspect and suitable for small payment amounts. Hope you can enjoy RSorder purchasing!

RSorder Team

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