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RSorder Beginner's Guide to Deadman Mode

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Deadman mode will come to Old School on next Thursday. Are you ready to throw in the new game mode? Take your time to prepare enough RS 07 gold in your bank to make a fortune in the game. Before engage in the new game, you’d better arm yourself with useful tips to make most of the game. Here are some basic guides you should know:

New economy in the game

The Grand Exchange is disabled in Deadman mode.
No gold in the beginning.
Certain items are going to be extremely rare and valuable compared to Old School server.
Items such as secondaries for Herblore are going to be in short supply.
It's possible to insure certain items.

Skilling comes first in Deadman mode

GP will be extremely useful for everywhere.
Some skills will be insane GP on a fresh server.
Making money methods with buyable items.
Quests may be 2x EXP, either way still useful.
Skills such as crafting, will be hard to obtain battle staff, so having help would benefit you.
Training in own house gives almost no XP.

Pick your location carefully

Deadman mode will have the same map as the live game.
Most areas will be extremely dangerous.
Tutorial island will be the only non-pvp place.
Try and find training methods within safe zones.
Agility rooftops are not safe areas.
Training at place like slayer tower would not be intelligent, and regular spots will be dead content.
Locations with quick getaway or agility shortcuts will be very useful.
Map out your surroundings.

What you can do in Deadman mode

You can protect up to 5 skills if not skulled (2 combat 3 regular).
You can protect up to 3 skills if skulled (1 combat 2 regular).
You can change the protected skills at any time.
You can use Agility obstacles during combat.
You can use objects in your house even if you lose the con level.
You can raid a players bank for 28 stacks if you kill them.

Make sure to keep these tips in mind if you want to have a good beginning in the game. Besides, you should also make sure to stock up enough Runescape 2007 gold in your bank to ensure you can make the most of the game. The good news is that Halloween Flash sale will come to RSorder, and you can get free RS 07 gold by joining in our activity.

The RSorder Team

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