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  • Training Advice for Runescape Double XP Weekend on Sep 25, 2015

Training Advice for Runescape Double XP Weekend on Sep 25, 2015

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While exploring new slayer masks, you should never miss the upcoming double XP weekend on September 25. Now, it is time for panic sell and buy! If you are planning to get prepared for this event, here are some training advices to buy resources in RS 3.

Double XP for members and 20% XP for free players

The upcoming double xp weekend will last 72 hours from 12:00 UTC on September 25 to 12:00 UTC on September 28, and offer Runescape members double XP from their training. And free players can be able to gain 20% XP on their training over the same period.

That means, it is time to start preparing now by stocking up on charms, vials, seeds or any other supplies you need for the biggest gains.

Some advices for training and resources buying

Every time double XP is approaching, so many people stock up resources so that prices wil skyrocket, which is called “Panic sell and buy”. Many people even have to sell rare items and T90 weapons for cheap runescape gold in order to buy resources. But before trading, you should think twice:

1. It is a gamble to buy supplies. But usually prices peak with the announcement, and will settle to a price only slightly higher than normal in 2-3 weeks in appearance. So if you haven’t bought yet, you should wait a bit longer. Certainly, you can compare the price with GE price to make a decision.

2. Prayer won’t be affected on a double exp weekend, because with enlightenment, players can gain 3.5x and 4x prayer xp training already. So please focus on your expensive skills like herb or time-consuming ones like farming. Summoning is also popular to choose, because it is both expensive and time limited.

If you need to stock up resources for double XP weekend, you don’t need to sell rares or T90 weapons, but just buy runescape gold on RSorder to get ready! Additionally, 50% off sale for 1100M RS 3 Gold will hit at 03:00 a.m. GMT on Sep.21, 2015. Are you confident to snap up one portion to fund double xp.

If you want to buy runescape gold today, you can also use extra discount code "HAPPY" to save more money on RSorder.

The RSorder Team

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