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  • Zaryte Bow VS Royal Crossbow – See the Details of Them with Runescape 3 Gold

Zaryte Bow VS Royal Crossbow – See the Details of Them with Runescape 3 Gold

  • OSR 40att,70str,1def
  • 22 D
  • 22 H
  • 22 M
  • 22 S
  • $ 39.99


As we all know, Royal Crossbow is currently the strongest two-handed crossbow in the game. However, Zaryte Bow is the only one who available either by trading with other players or as a drop from Nex. So among those two, which one would you prefer to obtain? Firstly, let's see some details about them.

Royal crossbow

Royal crossbow

As said before, thr royal crossbow is currently the strongest two-handed crossbow in the game. You may need to complete the quest of Song from the Depths to get it and then 80 Ranged, 70 Smithing and 60 Summoning to wear it.
The coral crossbow is the core of the royal crossbow, which is untradeable but freely obtained after completing Song from the Depths. Therefore, expecting the coral crossbow, you may need totally 1,308,910 runescape 3 gold for getting this crossbow from the Grand Exchange.

Zaryte bow

Zaryte bow

Same as all standard bows, the zaryte bow is a two-handed weapon, filling both the weapon and shield slot. The zaryte bow is among the most accurate Ranged weapons in RuneScape, with accuracy and damage equal to the royal crossbow. You are able to receive it by defeating Nex, and wield it with 80 Ranged requirement.
The zaryte bow can last for 10 hours, about 60,000 shots for being depleted completely. It can be recharged either by Bob in Lumbridge or at a POH repair stand for using again.

Zaryte Bow VS Royal Crossbow

On the one hand, in the price aspect, the royal crossbow's components only cost 1,308,910 rs3 gold, as opposed to the zaryte bow's, which is cost 90,589,490 rs3 gold. Based on that, the royal crossbow is typically the best choice for players that meet all its requirements and do not have to buy rs3 gold. Therefore, many high-level rangers are preferred the royal crossbow rather than the zaryte bow.
On the other hand, for the majority of players, the rayal crossbow is easier than earning the cash for a zaryte bow.

As said above, the royal crossbow is more popular than the zaryte bow. However, different players, who have different situations, may have various decisions. Choose your preferable weapon with cheap rs3 gold to enjoy your rs journey.

The RSorder Team

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