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1. The entire RS account information includes login ID and password and they will be sent to you within ONE hour via e-mail after we have received your order and payment.

2. After buying any rs account, change the registered email and the password first! DO remember the settings! That means you are the ONLY owner of the account.

3. Please come to our 24/7 Live Chat to check if the account is out of stock or not because some of them are customized by RSorder.

4. Using discount code "OSRSA10", you can save extra 10% off money instantly.

  • OSR 40att,70str,1def
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  • 22 H
  • 22 M
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  • $ 39.99

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How to change registered email address & password of RS account?
  • Change Email Address
  • 1. Log onto with the original username and password. And then the account setting interface appears.
  • 2. Click to unfold Email & Communication preferences and then Click here. Third, system will send you an email to your current email address, so check it and follow the link on that email to change the registered email for your RS account.
  • 3. Log in the new registered email address to confirm the change. The following is a flowchart to change the registered email address for RS account.
  • Change the registered email address of RS account
  • Change Password of RS Account
  • 1. Log onto RS Account Setting Interface on , similarly to change email address.
  • 2. Unfold Change Password and Click here, and you will be sent an email to your registered email address with a link for changing your password.
  • 3. Click the link in that email to change your password, and then submit it. That’s all. The following is a flowchart to change RS account password.
  • change password of RS account
  • Kindly Reminder
  • You'd better buy RS account from a reliable and professional online site, like RSorder, rather than from an individual, because it is safer than from individuals, after all, the professional online site values company reputation far more than immediate interests.
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