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Mobilising Armies - 200 Rank points

Mobilising Armies - 200 Rank points

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Quick Overview
  • Mobilising Armies is a real-time strategy (RTS) game that takes place in the land of Gielinor. Some people focus on achieving rank to move up to higher levels and possible rewards.


In Mobilising Armies, each player commands their own army. An army consists of ten individual squads, each squad being composed of a race (Dwarf/Melee, Elf/Mage, or Goblin/Range), defined as level one to five, and a class (Heavy or Light). Each choice the player makes about the composition of the squad influences its' strengths and weaknesses, which will be explained later. In addition, the player has five special units that can be released throughout the game for strong one-time aid in battle. There are four scenarios to play, each with different goals, such as wiping out three other players' armies, or knocking down a castle.

Ranks and Reward Credits
If you manage to win a game, you will receive 2 additional ranks and some points. If you lose a game, you may still receive 1 additional rank. To earn this you must survive in the game for at least 4 minutes, and you must issue at least 10 commands.

Additionally, you receive an amount of reward credits equal to the amount you invested before the game, plus a few factors including time of survival and number of armies killed. Reward credits are used to purchase rewards based on your rank.

All rewards are issued through the officer's tower in the southeast corner of the game area. The lowest level of rewards are offered in the basement, then ascending one floor for each rank. The shop for your rank will sell rewards labelled one rank level higher. Rewards you no longer want can be sold back to the NPC you bought them from for 100% of the initial cost. 

Rank Name
Speak to any of the officers in the A.R.M.S. Tower to have a rank prefix added to your username. This will only be displayed as part of your name while you are in the activity area.

Rank Titles
Officer Floor Rank Title
Serjeant Cole Basement 0-99 Junior Cadet
Commander Loman Ground 100-199 Serjeant
War-chief Reeves First (Second, USA) 200-299 Commander
Lord Marshal Brogan Second (Third, USA) 300+ War-chief 

And you can also buy some Clothing and Items with the Reward Credits.

Echant your rings for better stats.

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