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200 Zeal Points + 10 Points For Free

200 Zeal Points + 10 Points For Free

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  • We don't need your bank pin for this service! You can buy combat and slayer exp with these zeals witch get from Soul Wars games.


Soul wars is a twenty minute game much evocative of the age old activity, Castle Wars. The game consists of a form of "King of the Hill", followed by the killing of a very high levelled monster. At the end of the twenty minutes, the team which has the most boss kills is declared victorious. Players may choose to aid the Avatar of Destruction (red) or the Avatar of Creation (blue), while those who enter the green portal will be sorted into either team in order to ensure that the teams are of equal size. Dozens of players may join each side, making this a conquest on large scales. Players may use explosives, place barricades, and heal their teammates with bandages. This is a very large battle; you can be attacked by several players at once, or conversely, your team can team up on one enemy! This is a safe activity, so you will lose nothing but your pride should you die.

Zeal points are the reward for playing Soul Wars. For a victory you will receive 3 points, while you will gain 2 points for a tie, with a single point as a reward for losing.

Players may trade these in with Nomad, Zimberfizz, Zimberfizz ashes, or Zanik for a variety of rewards such as experience, charms, Slayer pets, and other items. Players can store a maximum of 50,000 Zeal points. This is equivalent to playing and winning 16,667 games.

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