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Barbarian Assault super package

Barbarian Assault super package

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  • Barbarian Assault super package includes all pieces of Penance items. Requirements: Combat 80+ is suggested, and you must have 40+ defense level to wear full Penance set. About 35 hours to get all of these items. More time will be needed if you have lower stats.


Wearing the full Penance set (boots, gloves, skirt, torso, and one of the hats) will restore a player's prayer points at a rate of 30 points per minute. The Penance trident and Penance master trident can reduce the amount of runes it takes to cast a spell. Penance items are not tradeable. Penance gloves (gloves of lightness) have a bonus feature: they decrease weight by 7kg. Beware: Penance items have a destroy option. Unlike nearly every other item in the game with a destroy option, you cannot retrieve this item for free; you will have to spend points to buy another.

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