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Barbarian Training - Access the Ancient Cave

Barbarian Training - Access the Ancient Cave

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  • Skill Levels Required: 15 Agility, 21 Firemaking, 55 Fishing, and 35 Strength. Quests Required: Tai Bwo Wannai Trio. Items Recommended: Good armor, an Anti-dragon shield or a Dragonfire shield and an Antifire, or an Super antifire potion, a strong weapon, and food. Rewards: Harpoon fish without a harpoon, light a fire with a bow, obtain new fishes which allow you to make new potions, make potions mixes that raise your hp a slight amount while still keeping the normal effects, making your own spears/hasta's, sacrificing Barbarian bones on a pyre to give you a 300% bonus on the next five bones that you bury, and keep access to the cavern under the lake.


Welcome to the wonderful world of Barbarian Training. They, as an ancient race of RuneScape, have devised their own methods of skill training, that can be considered far better than our own. Whether you barely have the requirements needed, or are just tipping in to the level 90s of skills, there is some useful information for you to learn here.

After this, you can go in the ancient cave for hunting mithril dragons which drop dragon full helm. And also you can kill Waterfiends here for crimson charms.

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