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Clue Scroll (medium) - Treasure Finding

Clue Scroll (medium) - Treasure Finding

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Quick Overview
  • We help you find the treasure if you have the Clue Scroll (medium) dropped.

    Note: We may interrupt the process if your account doesn't meet the requirements for the next step.

Member? Yes
Unlocked by Quest? No
Tradeable? No
Stackable? No
Examine A clue! A set of instructions to be followed. Or, for a coordinates clue: Perhaps someone at the observatory can teach me to navigate? Or, for a map clue: A part of the world map, but where? Or, for a scan clue: It points to great treasure!
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Category Activity
Sub-category Other
High Alchemy 0 gp
Low Alchemy 0 gp
Location Pick pocketed from HAM members (level 1 only); found in chests during the Shade Burning mini-game; bought from Honest Jimmy at the Trouble Brewing mini-game for 20,000 pieces of eight (level 2 only); a possible reward from Kingdom of Miscellania; a possible reward from defeating an Evil Tree; monster drop.
Uses Leads to another clue or a Treasure Trails reward.
Notes Clue scrolls are used in Treasure Trails hunts. Coordinate clues require the use of a Sextant, Chart and Watch (as well as a spade for digging). You may only have one clue scroll in either your bank or inventory at one time. Elite clue scrolls won't look different unless you have a scan clue (via tiny orb on the bottom of the image).
Dropped by Various monsters.
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