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Expert Ogre Dragon Archer

Expert Ogre Dragon Archer

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Quick Overview
  • You need to kill 3000 birds to get it.
  • It's handy to have 'run' set as default instead of walk because it is easier to catch up to the chompy birds if they run away. Remember to set it in the Player Controls menu. The only time it's not recommended is if you are picking up chompy bird meat, because it is heavy.
  • It is recommended to use the rapid fire attack mode for the Ogre bow, because otherwise it is too slow.
  • Two bellows are suggested; it makes it a lot easier and faster to set bloated toads for bait.
  • If there is a large crowd and you're finding it hard to get frogs, remember that more than one person can get a frog at the same time.
  • Don't worry if you are getting a lot of duds. Just ignore it and keep a steady fast pace of planting frogs.
  • It is much better to kill chompies at the chompy grounds south of Castle Wars and west of Yanille. At these swamps there are many more frogs and swamp bubbles. There are also 2 different swamps so there is lots of room to kill them! Also, you can chill with Gargh, Gruh and Scarg, who are ogre expert chompy hunters!
  • If you want to make some money, you can sell your raw chompies to Uglug (at the Zogre camp - you must have completed the Zogre Flesh Eaters Quest and have given him the cure disease potion to get to his shop) for 85 coins, and cooked Chompies for 130 coins!
  • Raw chompies are an ingredient in wild pies, but at 10kg each, carrying them until you have enough to bank becomes a problem. A partially made wild pie (with only raw bear meat) weighs almost nothing. After adding a chompy to it, it still weighs nothing! So avoid the weight problem by bringing along part wild pies with raw bear meat and adding raw chompies on the spot. Don't bring along more then 20 part wild pies, because you need space for 2 bellows, feathers, arrows, 3 toads and at least 1 raw chompy. When you've added raw chompies to all of them, you can go directly to a bank. Later, add the last ingredient (raw rabbit) before cooking. 
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