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Golden mining top

Golden mining top

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Quick Overview
  • Worn to give a +1% experience boost while Mining.

Member? Yes
Unlocked by Quest? Yes
Tradeable? No
Stackable? No
Examine This top gives me a small boost to Mining XP.
Weight 10 kg
Category Clothing
Sub-category Torso
High Alchemy 0 gp
Low Alchemy 0 gp
Location Given by the 'Liquid Gold Nymph' distraction of the Lava Flow Mine Activity.
Uses Worn to give a +1% experience boost while Mining.
Notes You can get the golden mining top at the Lava Flow Mine in Keldagrim. A Liquid Gold Nymph will randomly appear while you're mining and give you the top as the fifth piece of the set. The full outfit gives a total mining experience boost of +5%. If you own both the golden mining top AND the Varrock armour (any level), EITHER can be worn to gain the effects of both, so long as all the other pieces of the golden mining outfit are also worn.
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