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Mage of Zamorak - Access the Abyss

Mage of Zamorak - Access the Abyss

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  • Skill Levels Required: 66 Magic, if you decide to go to the Wizards' Guild to teleport to the Rune Essence mine. Quests Required: Rune Mysteries. Items Needed: None. Items Recommended: Varrock, Yanille, and East Ardougne Teleport runes, and a Amulet of glory. Rewards: 1000 Runecrafting experience, Research notes, a Small pouch, and access to the Abyss.


The Abyss is located in another plane and only accessible through the Zamorakian Mage northeast of Edgeville. You must first perform a favour for him before gaining access to the Abyss. The abyss is an exciting but hazardous way to speed up Runecrafting.

After the favour is completed, the Zamorak Mage will teleport you to the Abyss. He is in the same spot north of Edgeville, at the mouth of the river in level 5 Wilderness. Player-killers hang around this area. Decide ahead of time if you want to wear armour and weapons to put up a fight, or bring very few items to minimise losses if you die. Keep your skull status in mind when making this decision - if you die while skulled and have no prayer for even a Protect Item spell, you won't keep anything at all. 

Right click on the Zamorak Mage in the Wilderness and choose 'Teleport'. He will transport you to a random place in the Abyss, on the multi-combat outer ring filled with monsters.

Rune essence pouches can be obtained as drops from monsters in Abyss. These pouches allow you to carry many rune essences in them. The bigger the size of the pouch, the higher the Runecrafting skill that is needed to use it. You can only have one pouch of each size. Over time your pouches degrade, causing them to turn a dark colour and carry less essence. If this happens, talk to the Dark Wizard in the centre of the abyss; you do not need to bring your pouches with you when repairing them, his magic extends to your bank. He will also return your Small Pouch if you've lost it. The Abyssal monsters also drop Elemental Talismans which can be used to access the Air, Water, Earth and Fire Altars. The unique Elemental Talisman can't be crafted into a Tiara nor used to bind runes.


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