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14 Days of Free RS Membership Offered to Twitch Prime Members

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RS membership is offered free to all Twitch Prime members this month. If you have linked your Twitch Prime and RS accounts, your free membership is ready to redeem right now.

Free membership for Twitch Prime members

14 days of free membership is offered to all Twitch Prime members until December 10, 2019. If you are the member of Twitch Prime, you could log into your Twitch Prime account and redeem your free RS membership.
There are different offers from RS Twitch Prime every month. After the free membership for month two, here are the free in-game goodies for the following months:
Month 3 - A bundle of Twitch Prime-exclusive cosmetic items, containing RS Umbral Cape, Longbow, and Staff plus previous Umbral cosmetics.
Month 4 - Three RS Umbral Chests filled with treasure.

How to claim membership for RS Twitch Prime?

Follow these steps if you want to claim your free membership or other in-game Twitch Prime loot:
1. Create or log in to your Twitch Prime account.
2. Find the offer on the drop-down list on Twitch. Link your Twitch and RS accounts.
3. Login if asked to.
4. Click “Confirm” on the RS webpage.
Then you are able to start playing to enjoy the Twitch Prime loot.
Notice: You must complete the redemption process in order to receive your rewards.

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The RSorder Team

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