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2017 Christmas 50% OFF Sale for 1500M RS3 Gold & 250M OSRS Gold

  • RS 3 Gold 202M
  • 00 D
  • 00 H
  • 00 M
  • 00 S
  • $31.99

  • OS 30000K+Free 300K
  • 00 D
  • 00 H
  • 00 M
  • 00 S
  • $29.12

  • OSR 40att 70str 1def
  • 00 D
  • 00 H
  • 00 M
  • 00 S
  • $19.99


As the jingle bells are ringing, RSorder 2017 Christmas Sale is in full swing. Following 6% Off or 9% Off, we will have total 1500M RS3 Gold & 250M RS 2007 Gold for sale with 50% off. It will hit the shelves on December 11. Read on for more details! 

When will 2017 Christmas 50% Off Sale hit? 

50% Off Sale will be triggered at 03:00 am. GMT on Dec. 11, 2017, and end until all half-priced rs gold is sold out. 

How many RS Gold can you get from RSorder Christmas 50% Off Sale? 

You may be familiar with RSorder 50% Off Sale, if you are a regular customer on our site. If not, you should know clearly the following things: 
1. Total 100 portions of discounted rs gold, including 50 portions of 5M Runescape 2007 Gold and 50 portions of 30M Runescape Gold. That means, total 250M RS 2007 Gold and 1500M RS 3 Gold sell at 50% off. 
2. Partake in this event on https://www.rsorder.com/x-off-sale.


1. Everyone can only snap up one portion of discounted gold. If you place multiple orders, we only deliver one portion. 
2. Exchange cannot be issued once you place order successfully. So please choose the right product to place order, or you may lose the chance. 
3. You wait on our activity page in advance. Many people are itching for 50% Off Sale Event, so only early bird can catch the worms. 

Opportunity knocks only once. It’s time to mark your calendar for 2017 Christmas 50% Off Sale. Meanwhile, you can overview other amazing events in RSorder 2017 Christmas Sale

The RSorder Team

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