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RS3 20th Anniversary Week 2: Enjoy 50%+ Base Slayer XP & More

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The Week 2 of RS3 20th Anniversary Grand Party has come this week. During this week you could enjoy 50% more base Slayer XP and more.

Week 2 bonus in RS 20th Anniversary event

There are weekly events in RS Anniversary event, and each week of the event a different aspect of the game is featured. The theme for week 2 is Celebration of Combat.
From January 11th to January 17th, you could enjoy the following effects:
-50% more base Slayer XP
-No reclaim costs from Death
-Increased chance to get rare drops and enhanced lucky items
It’s a great chance for you RS Slayer training, so seize the chance if you want to train your Slayer skill.

More features of RS3 Anniversary event

Week 1: Celebration of Quests
There are three miniquests to complete for the first week. Players can start the miniquests by talking to the Cook at the south-west area of the crater. Here is our guide for RS 20th Anniversary quest.
Week 3: Celebration of Minigames
From January 18th, players can enjoy double currency for every minigame.
Week 4: Celebration of Skilling
From January 25th, players can enjoy 50% extra experience in all gathering skills.

Enjoy RS3 20th Anniversary week 2 for the Slayer XP and more bonuses. If you want cheap RS gold, simply come to our site and get some fast.

The RSorder Team

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