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A Taste of Hope OSRS Guide: Fast Walkthrough, Tips & More

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OSRS A Taste of Hope is an Experienced quest in the Myreque quest series. By completing this quest you will be able to gain Ivandis flail, Drakan's medallion and other rewards.

Requirements of A Taste of Hope OSRS

Here are the requirements of A Taste of Hope OSRS quest:
-Level requirements:
48 Crafting 
45 Agility
40 Attack
40 Herblore
38 Slayer
-Quest requirement: completion of Darkness of Hallowvale OSRS quest

OSRS A Taste of Hope quest walkthrough

1. To start this quest, talk to Garth by the entrance to the Theatre of Blood.
2. Travel to the Myreque base in Meiyerditch. You can talk to a nearby Vyrewatch and ask to be sent to the mines.
3. Climb down the trapdoor. Find Safalaan in the north part of the underground base and talk to him. Then return to the Theatre of Blood.
4. Head to the south-east corner of the Theatre of Blood and talk to any of the mercenaries.
5. Try to climb up the rubble west of the bank, within Ver Sinhaza. Talk to Harpert nearby, and pay him 1,000 coins.
6. Climb the rubble, and then climb the steam vent directly to the northeast when it is inactive. Run east until you reach a red window that you can look through.
7. Return to Safalaan.
8. Talk to Flaygian Screwte.
9. Talk to Safalaan. Then head to Serafina's house.
10. Return to Safalaan. Search the crates and barrels around the basement and get mysterious meat, mysterious herb, a vial and a pestle and mortar.
11. Do the following:
Use the mysterious herb on the vial of water.
Use the pestle and mortar on the mysterious meat.
Use the mysterious crushed meat on the unfinished potion.
Use the finished potion on the door.
12. Talk to Safalaan again.
13. Make the potion again, but use the ingredients on the vial of blood this time.
14. Use the blood potion on the door, open and search the chest to get the old notes.
15. Talk to Safalaan with the notes.
16. Return to the Myreque base and talk to Safalaan.
17. Defeat the abomination.
18. Teleport to Burgh de Rott. Take the boat to Meiyerditch.
19. Head to Old Man Ral's house in the centre of southern Meiyerditch. Enter the secondary Myreque base.
20. Talk to Safalaan. Then talk to Vertida Sefalatis.
21. Read Flaygian's notes.
22. Return to Veliaf Hurtz to reclaim Rod of Ivandis if you haven't made another one.
23. In Old Man Ral's basement, search the nearby crates and get a silver sickle (b) and a chain.
24. Attach the emerald to the sickle to make an emerald sickle (b).
25. Cast Lvl-2 Enchant on the emerald sickle. You could also use an enchant emerald or jade tablet on it.
26. Create the Ivandis flail by using the chain on the enchanted emerald sickle or the Rod of Ivandis.
27. Talk to Safalaan.
28. Go to the Theatre of Blood and talk to Kael Forshaw by the noticeboard.
29. Defeat Ranis Drakan.
30. Talk to Kael Forshaw again.
31. Find Safalaan in the hideout under Old Man Ral's house and talk to him. Quest complete!

Rewards gained from A Taste of Hope OSRS

1 Quest point
Ivandis flail
Drakan's medallion
Tome of experience

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The RSorder Team

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