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Access OSRS Iorwerth's Dungeon in Prifddinas & Win Crystal Shards

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Along with the update Song of the Elves, the Old School team also plan to add an Iorwerth’s dungeon OSRS in Prifddinas. And in the dungeon, you will encounter Dark Beasts, Kurasks, Nechryaels, Bloodvelds, Waterfiends and Moss Giants, who may drop crystal shards from time to time. 

Iorwerth Dungeon details

As one of the eight elven clans inhabitting Tirannwn, the Iorwerth Clan are a clans of warriors and slayers, who will have a unique training dungeon, allowing them to train no matter when they want. 
Upon gaining access to this dungeon, you will be able to get Slayer tasks from Konar here. Please note that it will be single way combat allowing cannons, while not slayer tasks only. 

Win crystal shards from creatures in the dungeon

When in the dungeon, you will see various kinds of creatures, and there are several rooms containing: 
9 Dark Beasts across 3 rooms
12 Kurasks across 4 rooms
9 Nechryaels across 3 rooms
9 Bloodvelds across 3 rooms
12 Waterfiends across 3 rooms
6 Moss Giants across 2 rooms
What is more, within the Iorwerth's dungeon you will have a small chance to get crystal shards from these creatures. And if having got both crystal armour seeds and crystal shards, you can combine them to make pieces of the new ranged crystal armour set. 

Never forget you will not see the Dark Beasts in the Kourend Catacombs, which will be removed along with the above updates. In addition, please prepare enough cheap OSRS gold with 5% off code “RSYK5” on our site.

The RSorder Team 

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