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Buy Cheap OSRS Gold on RSorder and Take a Glance at OSRS PDC - New Skill

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Old school RS gold can be a really important thing for the game. Similarly, skill can also be the key of the game. If you need osrs gold in the lowest price, RSorder can help you, and if you need new skills with awesome rewards, Jagex can help you. There are totally five new skills you can vote. Let’s take a glance now.


By completing an Artisan Task, you may have a chance to find a Mote of Inspiration. Same as Slayer, you can receive Artisan Points after a task is completed, which can be used at Artisan Masters to buy unique rewards.


The skill of Astronomy requires a quest to be unlocked. Once it’s unlocked, you are able to train it on non-populated area. There are normal rewards and special rewards, which are different based on the training.


Forestry is a skill where you will maintain various forests all over RS. All these forests will have tasks for you to complete, that will make use of all the skills currently ingame. Meanwhile, every forest will yield specific resources and rewards. Besides, if you support, maybe the morytania forest could provide the blood altar at 100% condition, and maybe the elven forest could provide crystal halberds.


The Geomancy skill will also begin with a simple quest. After completion of the quest, you will gain a specimen brush and a rock pick. The pick is main-hand wiedable while the brush is off-hand wiedable, and there be several ways for gathering a rock pick.


Herding is as you’ve imagined, caring, watching, tending, and moving a group or groups of animals. You need to build an animal pen for starting. The skill can help you obtain certain herblore ingredients in new way rather than then just the brute and smash with your dragon scim. Additionally, the new items added in game will look stylish, and also the shofar helps bring teams and clans together and rejuvenate the use of friend chats.

So which one do you prefer? Which one will you vote for? It’s time to make your decision. To enjoy more, we’ve got a huge stock of osrs gold on sale. Besides, there will be some campaigns for you on RSorder. Have fun!

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