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Callisto OSRS Guide: Learn Fighting Strategies & Drop Details

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Callisto is an enormous monster found south of the Demonic Ruins. Here is our Callisto guide OSRS to help you learn how to get there, fight the monster and get the loot.

Where to fight against Callisto OSRS?

Callisto can be found south of the Demonic Ruins. You could get there through the following ways:
-Annakarl Teleport can be used to teleport into the Demonic Ruins with 90 Magic. Go south after arriving.
-Make a Waka canoe and use it to go to the Wilderness with 57 Woodcutting. Go north-east after arriving.
-Use the games necklace to teleport to the Corporeal Beast's lair, and then go north. 
-If you have completed the Elite Wilderness Diary, use the Wilderness Sword 4 to teleport to the Fountain of Rune and go south-west.

Learn OSRS Callisto fighting strategies

Callisto attacks using Melee, and he can knock you back a few tiles. Here are some useful strategies when fighting against Callisto:
1. As Callisto will deal heavy damage consistently, it is strongly recommended to use the southern singles safespot. There is a chance to attack Callisto safely in single-way combat area if you take 0 damage from the lure.
2. Callisto is immune to Magic damage, so you must use Melee or Ranged to kill him. For Melee, it is recommended to use Viggora's chainmace, For Ranged, it is recommended to use Craw's bow.
3. Duo to his high defences, weapons that can bypass him are commonly used, such as Verac the Defiled's equipment.
4. The best choice for tagging Callisto is to cast Vulnerability because it may land and lower his Defence, which will result in a slightly faster kill.

Get tyrannical ring OSRS & more drops

Callisto is the only monster to drop the tyrannical ring OSRS (1/512). As the tyrannical ring can offer a crush attack bonus, it is very useful when using crush weapons.
You may also obtain the Callisto cub, dragon 2h sword and dragon pickaxe OSRS from him. Here you could learn drop rates of the loot:
Rune pickaxe - 1/10.67
Rune 2h sword - 1/42.67
Dragon pickaxe - 1/170.7
Dragon 2h sword - 1/256

Hope our Callisto guide OSRS can help you know more about this monster. If you need cheap OSRS gold, you could come to our site and get some at any time.

The RSorder Team

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