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Cheap OSRS Gold Buying With a Smorgasbord of Features on Old School

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Jagex always knows what you want. So does RSorder. RSorder present a huge stock of cheap old school RS gold for you along with a batch of free bonus. If you need, you can also find a discount code on RSorder Facebook. Meanwhile, you can now enjoy a smorgasbord of features for which you voted in recent polls on old school RS.

New coal and gem bags adding

You now have the chance to receive new coal and gem bags costing 100 gold nuggets each.
The coal bag can store up to 27 coal which can be consumed from inside the bag when you're smelting and superheating. Gem bags can store 60 of each uncut gem up to dragonstone.
Besides, the Prospector outfit now also provides some protection from desert heat.

New toggles and options interface adding

RS New toggles and options interface

Based on your previous poll, you can now enjoy new toggles for roof removal and the stat panel tooltip to show XP remaining to next level, though the ::toggleroof cheat still works.
Also, you can now select how to prioritize the Attack option on monsters and other players. Previously, the game would show it as the left-click option if it thought you were stronger than the target, or as a right-click option if you were weaker.
Depends on your habit, you can now choose to make Attack always be a right-click option or a left-click option. This will apply to all monsters regardless of their combat levels.

Additional Bank Tab Tweaks

1. The bank scrollbar should now hold its position more reliably when closing the bank.
2. If you are dragging an item upwards the bank now waits a moment before scrolling so you can drag the item to the tab layer.
3. If you aren't using bank tabs, or have all of your items in the All tab, the bank once again shows your empty slots at the bottom.
4. Dragging around and inserting items should feel much more fluent.

If you want to discuss that news, feel free to post your opinions on RSorder Facebook. You may win a chance to receive a discount code for osrs gold. Enjoy the updates.

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The RSorder Team

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