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Confirmed Special Attack of Abyssal Weapons from RS07 Abyssal Sire

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Few days ago, Jagex gave a sneak peek of Abyssal weapons dropped by RS 2007 abyssal sire, as well stats and special attack. Now here is the final product, in which special attacks have been tweaked as a main factor. The Abyssal Sire would be released early September when you can test them with cheap RS 2007 gold.

Final special attacks of Abyssal bludgeon and abyssal dagger

Based on the original draft, the abyssal bludgeon and abyssal dragger share the similar special attacks, costing 50% special attack energy. To fit each of stats, Jagex distinguish one from another with respective special attack.

For the abyssal bludgeon, its special attack increases damage dealt by 0.3% for every prayer point that you are missing.

As for the abyssal dagger, its special attack hits twice in quick succession with 15% reduced damage. If the first hit deals damage, so will the second. Or neither do. But differently, the Dragon Dagger is inconsistent. That means, the odds to get a big spec is much larger with the abyssal dagger as you only need to roll a successful hit once. If it were to match the damage as well it would be very strong.

But since the damage reduction on all weapons that aren't spears would apply to them, the Abyssal dagger/bludgeon cannot be used against corp.

Basic stats of abyssal bludgeon and dagger

Compared with the original stats set for abyssal bludgeon/dagger, there are some tiny tweaks as follow:

The abyssal bludgeon, a two-handed weapon, requires 70 attack and strength to equip.


+102 Crush attack

+85 Strength

Have only one attack style that uses crush and trains strength (and hitpoints)

Hit once every 4 ticks (the same rate as scimitars)

With all the above stats, the abyssal bludgeon will be lower DPS than the abyssal whip/dragon defender combination, but superior to the Zamorak hasta/dragon defender combination.

The abyssal dagger is a one-handed weapon that requires 70 attack to equip.


+75 Stab attack

+75 Strength

These stats leave the abyssal dagger slightly weaker than a Zamorak hasta but with attack styles to train Attack, Strength or Defence.

Jagex has leaked that the Abyssal Sire plans to release on early September, and the poll will come out on June 18. Have you prepared enough RS 2007 gold for Abyssal Sire?


The RSorder Team

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