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Crack the Week 4 & Final Clues for Ornate Armour in OSRS CTC2

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OSRS Crack the Clue 2, aka the CTC2 RuneScape has reached the climax with the release of the clue for week 4, which grants ornate cape. With ornate helm from the final clue, you can resemble a whole ornate armour set. Get the armour and buy cheap RuneScape 2007 gold from us to enjoy fighting in game.

Brief solutions to former clues in CTC2

Week 1: Dig southeast of Rimmington near Skippy. A spade and pie dish are required.
Rewards: A pair of ornate gloves and ornate boots.
Week 2: Dig by the air altar entrance south of Falador. A spade and raw herring are required.
Reward: A pair of ornate legs.
Week 3: Perform Shrug and Cheer emotes in succession at east of the Black Knights' Fortress.
Reward: An ornate top.

CTC2 week 4 & finale clues for ornate armour cape & helm

Released on Mar. 14, the clue for week 4 indicates a location outside the Chaos Temple in the Wilderness. To get the reward, one ornate cape, you need to firstly obtain a spade and one goblin mail. Use the spade on the aforementioned location, you will get the reward offered.
Soon after you solve the week 4 clue, the final clue can be solved by combining elements from the previous four clues, granting you the ornate helm. Once you have collected the whole ornate armour set, an armour especially introduced for the 2019 OSRS birthday event for all players, you can enjoy an equal bonuses as various leather and iron items can provide.

Follow the instruction of the guide to crack the week 4 & finale clues, seizing the perfect chance to win you an ornate armour set in the CTC2 RuneScape right now. 

The RSorder Team

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