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Crystal Halberd Special & Separate Perk for Mith Drag & More in OSRS

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In response to player demand, Jagex has made some adjustments in Old School RS, including the special attack for crystal halberd, and a buff for Bandos godsword special attack etc this week. Besides, Mod Ash also revealed some future updates, like max capes and separate perk to extend mithril dragons.

Crystal Halberd Special Attack and more available this week

1. Require a special attack for crystal halberd? Here it is. It inherits the special attack of the dragon halberd and consumes 30% special attack energy, hitting enemies both larger than 1x1 twice and beside the target. Head over to Western Provinces diary and take strong rs 07 items to try out the special attack. Note that the crystal halberd is not effective on the Corp, and there will be a poll to settle it.

2. To give Bandos godsword special attack a small buff, its cost is reduced from 100% to 65% so that it is valuable like a weapon now.

3. Now there is no need to equip a staff while using fairy rings and you don’t worry about unexpected return trips to the bank any more.

4. The left-click 'Smith' option is available on anvils, instead of the fiddly use of bars.

In addition, bonus for bolt specials have an increase of 10% as originally intended.

Other coming updates in the future

Except the above tweaks made in public, Jagex Mod has also confirmed that:

1. GE tele may be announced next week after its poll has been finished already.

2. Max capes will come for sure. But there is no specific date for that because Jagex has lots of projects at present.

3. Restricted worlds for high lvl players, such as 1500+ worlds, will require some engine work to install the checks. And it still has to wait its turn now.

4. It is not a bug that Mith drag tasks aren't increased by Pedal to the Metals perk. Given how specific the Pedal to the Metals perk is, Jagex never change it, but introduce a separate perk to extend the mithril dragons, perhaps.

The addition of the special attack crystal halberd and the coming of max cap and restricted worlds will impulse more and more players join in Old School. If you need RS 2007 gold in game, whether to use for current battle or to prepare for high level required worlds, you can feel free to purchase with RSorder, and we promise you a professional and safe transaction.


The RSorder Team

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