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Defeat RS Clawdia for Clawdia Wings & Others in Beach Event

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RS Clawdia is a boss monster appearing in the Summer Beach Party. During RS Beach event, try to defeat this boss to gain Clawdia Wings and more rewards.

Features of RS Clawdia in Beach event

During RS Beach event 2020, you can find the hourly boss called Clawdia in the centre of the Lumbridge Crater. The boss appears once every hour at the 45 minute mark, signified by a start of rain.
RS Clawdia is level 250 and has 10,000,000 life points, with damage dealt scaling to your level and life points. Here you could learn her attacks:
-Melee AoE, dealing damage in a large area in the direction Clawdia is facing.
-Ranged AoE, dealing a small area of damage in front of her. Clawdia claps her front pincers together and shoots a sonic shockwave.
-Magic DoT, a 1x1 DoT attack lasting about 10 seconds.
-Water Jet, dealing typeless damage to players in her line of sight.
-Splash AoE, a very large AoE attack dealing melee damage to all attacking players.

What can you gain from RS Clawdia?

You will gain 1 to 5 rewards if you are in combat with Clawdia at any point before she is defeated. Here are the rewards for RS Beach event every year:
RS Ice cream
Lemon sour
Pink fizz
Purple Lumbridge
Anti-sun potion
Barrel of monkeys
Water balloon
Challenge gem
In addition, you can obtain a cosmetic override RS Clawdia Wings by using the Clawdia Wings token. Some other rewards can also be obtained from this beach event.

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