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Detail RuneScape Dimension of the Damned Prizes & Finale Rules

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RuneScape Dimension of the Damned is heading your way in a few days, and right now please learn its Finale rules. In addition, you must be eager for the prizes of this great event. And there is enough cheap RuneScape gold for sale.

Follow the schedule for the finale of Dimension of the Damned

With the Finale of Dimension of the Damned beginning at 18:00 game time on October 28, the invitees can log into the servers from 17:30 game time. 
You will miss out on the Finale, if you don’t log in until 18:00. when you are dead or log out, you cannot rejoin the competition again. 

Obey the rules during the Finale

1.Every invitee will begin fresh without any gear obtained in the previous stage, but the tool belt items will be upgraded to mithril level. 
2.All you need to do is fight to stay alive constantly. And you can obtain points by killing zombies. The bottom 70 scores will be eliminated every five minutes (after the first 10 minutes to gear up). You will be told if you are due to be eliminated through your interface. 
3.When standing too long in the Miasma - a brutal corruption of air, you will be killed, which will also make every player go into a pre-determined area. 

Win the valuable prizes of Dimension of the Damned

During October 18 to October 25, the players completing 3 sessions will gain the outfit worn during Dimension of the Damned, while those who complete all the goals within a single session can obtain the RIP Axe weapon override. 
The top 1000 players, who receive an inbox message and an email to confirm the entry to the Finale, will be able to join in the Finale and get an extra exclusive title - the Damned. And the final winner get all the following prizes: 
named on a statue in the normal world of RuneSape for 2 weeks; 
Dimension of the Damned-style pet ( the top 10 will get these prizes too); 
an all expenses paid trip to Jagex; 
Gold Premier Club membership (for 2018) (the top 5 will get all the previous rewards); 
200M GP; 
lifetime membership (first year of Gold Premier package);
King/Queen of the Damned title;
real-life Zombie Award. 

Make full use of the final days and don’t forget cheap RuneScape gold for sale here.

The RSorder Team  

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