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Details about Overgrown Idols RuneScape & Date of Birth Check

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Besides the on-going charity event, this week the players with level 81 Woodcutting can begin to chop Overgrown Idols RuneScape for the Woodcutting boosts and The End of Gara-Dul. Moreover, there are extra code for date of birth checks added in-game. Learn full details and buy cheap RuneScape gold here. 

Where to find Overgrown idols & how to chop them?

The two new statues Overgrown idols can be found south west of the Ship Yard entrance and north of the the Jadinko Lair on the island of Karamja respectively. And in order to chop them, you need to reach woodcutting level 81 firstly. Then for they are covered in light, medium and dense jungle vines, you have to chop the vines first before chopping the idol. As a matter of fact, you don’t need to chop all vines. And only one light vine needs cutting to reach the inner ring while the inner ring of medium and dense vines need clearing. 

What can you win by chopping the idols?

Idols give Strange rocks and Golden rocks. Besides, you will gain one of the following 5 Woodcutting boosts once an idol is chopped, which will last 5-15 mins:
Double cut rate (2 ticks rather than the standard 4 ticks)
10% increase to woodcutting success chance
10% chance to get double logs (or cut twice on ivy/vines/crystal)
5% XP Boost
Log auto-banking
What is more, you will be granted The End of Gara-Dul by investigating a cleared Overgrown idol. 

What is the RuneScape date of birth check about?

Many players feel very wired when they are asked to confirm the birth of date when logging in recently. Actually, the RS team also has added the extra code for date of birth checks. However, we still don’t understand the motives about the tweak. 
Unfortunately, some players have encountered an endless loop because of the tweak, which should have been manually fixed. If not, please report the problem to the team. 

All in all, please buy cheap RuneScape gold and enjoy all of the updates this week.

The RSorder Team 

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