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Details of New Rewards with OSRS Warding Skill for F2P & P2P

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The latest Old School official news reveals there will be some new rewards with Warding OSRS release. Here you could learn detailed information on these new rewards for F2P and P2P, including armours, weapons, robes and more.

New F2P rewards with Warding OSRS release

The proposed rewards for free-to-play players are Elemental Robes, including a mask, and a robe top and bottom. Elemental Robes OSRS are degradable Battlemage Robes which will come in Air, Water, Earth and Fire variants. Making the mask requires a new unique drop from the elemental giant bosses, and making the robe top and bottom requires a matching elemental talisman. The robes can be inspired by the Elemental Wizards in the South of Falador.
Elemental Robes OSRS

New P2P rewards with OSRS Warding skill

1. New Armours and Robes
-Arceuus: a higher level version of shade robes, requiring 100% Arceuus favour to make.
-Bloodbark: an improved version of Splitbark armour with some more effects. Players are able to deal more damage when they are closer to the opponent; in addition, there is a chance of soaking melee damage by 50%.
-Soulbark: an improved version of Bloodbark armour. Its increased magical damage scales with how close players are to the opponent.
-Cosmos: an improved version of Lunar armour with further increased damage to aquatic enemies.
-Dagon’hai: a degradable robes with improved damage against some undead enemies, including skeletons, ghosts, zombies and more.
-Kinhunter: a degradable armour with improved damage against dragon enemies, similar to OSRS Dragon hunter Crossbow and dragon hunter lance.
-Venomous: degradable robes with improved damage against poisonous enemies.
2. New Weapons

Bane Claws osrs
-Mystic Cocktails: new ranged items made with the Warding skill. The weapons have damage bonuses against demons, and come in Guam, Harra, Kwuarm, and Dwarf varieties. Players need to complete the Legends’ quest to create them.
-Demon Bane Claws: new Bane Claws coming in Fiend, Demonic, Shadow and Dark Claws. Based on the wield claws, they have increased damage with auto-cast specific spells against demons.
-Skull Sceptre Imbues: an imbued skull sceptre which can auto-cast crumble the undead, with magical damage bonuses against the undead and improved magical attack.
3. New Imbues
-Channeled Skilling Rings: there are Ring of Earth, Wood, Amber, and Iron. They can replenish resources as soon as they diminish.
-Channeled Combat Rings and Amulets: There are Ring of Wealth, Warrior, Treasonous, Tyrannical, Gods, Berserker, Seers, Archers, and Suffering.

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