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Details of OSRS Twisted Horns & Other Twisted League Rewards

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The Old School Twisted League has come to an end after two months. With the close of the Twisted League, players can claim twisted horns OSRS and other twisted league rewards from the shop.

How to obtain & use twisted horns OSRS?

The twisted horns are one of the rewards for OSRS Twisted League. To obtain twisted horns, you need to head to OSRS League Reward Shop at Kourend Castle and purchase them for 6,000 League points.
Twisted horns OSRS can be used to create a twisted slayer helmet or twisted slayer helmet (i) by combining them with a slayer helmet or slayer helmet (i) respectively. Creating the twisted slayer helmet requires purchasing the ability Twisted Vision for 1,000 slayer reward points.

Enjoy more OSRS twisted league rewards

In addition to twisted horns, you can also get the following twisted league rewards from the League Reward Shop:
Twisted Banner – 750 League points
Twisted Teleport Scroll – 750 League points
Twisted Blueprints – 4,000 League points
Twisted Relichunter (T1) – 1,000 League points
Twisted Relichunter (T2) – 2,500 League points
Twisted Relichunter (T3) – 10,000 League points
Moreover, you can also get Twisted League Trophies from the Twisted League based on your rank. Read our news post about OSRS twisted league rewards if you want to learn details of the rewards above and Twisted League Trophies.

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