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Details of RS3 Summer Escape: Anachronia Week until Sept. 1

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The fourth week of RS3 Summer Escape event is coming on the theme of Anachronia. Until Sept. 1st, enjoy more experience, higher drop rate for rare items and other bonuses for Anachronia island.

Summer Escape Week 4: Anachronia Week

The theme of the Summer Escape RS event week 4 is Anachronia, running from 00:00 August 26th to 23:59 September 1st, 2019.
Here are the detailed boosts and buffs during RS Summer Escape Anachronia Week:
1. 50% chance of an extra Hunter mark dropping while hunting on RS Anachronia
2. 50% more XP in Herby Werby
3. 10% increased chance of receiving codex pages when you traverse the Anachronia Agility Course
4. 10% increased Agility XP from the Anachronia Agility Course
5. No chance of failing obstacles on the Anachronia Agility Course
6. 10% increased Hunter XP when you take part in Big Game Hunter
7. 10% increased rare item drop rate from Slayer creatures on Anachronia

Bonus Weekend in Summer Escape RS

Besides the above RS Anachronia bonus and buffs, there are more bonuses on weekends during Summer Escape RS event. The fourth bonus weekend runs from 12:00 August 30th to 12:00 September 2nd with the following bonuses:
Summer Escape bonus weekend

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