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Enjoy Double RS Minigame Currency in 20th Anniversary Event

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The Week 3 of RS3 20th Anniversary Grand Party has come this week. During this week you could enjoy double RS minigame currency.

Week 3 bonus in RS 20th Anniversary event

There are weekly events in RS3 Anniversary event, and each week of the event a different aspect of the game is featured. The theme for week 3 is Celebration of Minigames.
From January 18th to January 24th, you could enjoy double currency for every RS minigame.

More features of RS3 Anniversary event

Week 1: Celebration of Quests
There are three miniquests to complete for the first week. Players can start the miniquests by talking to the Cook at the south-west area of the crater. Here is our guide for RS 20th Anniversary quest.
Week 2: Celebration of Combat
From January 11th, players can enjoy the following effects:
-50% more base Slayer XP
-No reclaim costs from Death
-Increased chance to get rare drops and enhanced lucky items
Week 4: Celebration of Skilling
From January 25th, players can enjoy 50% extra experience in all gathering skills.

Enjoy double currency for every RS minigame in RS3 20th Anniversary week 3. If you need cheap RS gold, you could come to our site and get some fast.

The RSorder Team

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