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Enjoy Prizes & Fun in RS Firework Festival for RS 18 Birthday

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The 18th birthday of our old friend RS is not far away. As a part of RS Birthday celebration, there are different kinds of fireworks available in RS Firework Festival for you to gain different prizes, which cover from 4x multipliers to the rare purple gem prizes. Come and get them in RS Treasure Hunter!

The duration of RS Firework Festival 

The Firework Festival occurs at 00:00 UTC on Jan. 3, 2019, and will last until the time of 23:59 UTC on Jan. 7. You can receive splendid prizes from the fireworks you choose at RS Treasure Hunter within the time span.

The fireworks and prizes available in RS Firework Festival 

There are totally 7 types of fireworks in the Firework Festival for the 18 year birthday celebration. During the event, you will be given four kinds of the fireworks to choose from in the Treasure Hunter. Each of the firework can cause a specific effect on the gift you receive. You can check the following table to see the different effects caused by different fireworks.
Firework                    Its effect
Red firework            Grants you rare red prize from TH
Purple firework          Grants you rare purple gem prize from TH
Double firework         Grants you doubled prizes from TH
Triple firework           Grants you tripled prizes from TH
Quadruple firework       Grants you quadrupled prizes from TH
Skill firework            Grants you a skill prize from TH
Mystery firework         Grants you one of the above 6 effects or up to an octupled prizes

18th birthday means the transformation from naive to maturity. As players, we have been through so many changes and challenges with RS. Therefore, let’s join in the RS Firework Festival to celebrate the RS 18 Birthday and extend our best wishes. At the mean time, remember to get the RS3 gold for sale here and enjoy your game time with fellow players.

The RSorder Team

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