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Enjoy RS Double XP Live with New Daily Rewards until Aug. 17

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RS Double XP Live 2020 is back! During this Double XP event, you will have 10 days to enjoy double XP boost with new daily rewards.

RS Double XP Live active until Aug. 17

RS Double XP Live has been active now and will until 12:00 Game Time on August 17th, 2020. Most of the mechanics of the Double XP event this time are otherwise the same as previous event, but this time there is a new pause button with a one hour cooldown. You are able to pause and restart the Double XP timer whenever you wish, but notice that there will be a 1-hour cooldown every time you pause or resume.

Daily rewards of RS3 Double XP 2020

Some adjustment has been made to RS Double XP 2020. Here you could learn the latest daily rewards for the Double XP event this time:
Medium protean pack
2 advanced pulse cores
150 oddments
2 cinder cores
2 variety packs
400 oddments
10 combat training dummies
4 cinder cores
2 medium protean packs
4 advanced pulse cores
Medium skill training dummy crate

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