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Enjoy RS Time to Seren TH Promo for Silverhawk Feathers & More

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The latest Treasure Hunter promotion Time to Seren is coming on May 9th, offering various items beneficial to skill training. It’s a good chance to collect silverhawk feathers, spirit onyx, portable skilling pack and others which can be used during Song of Seren weekend.

When can you join in Time to Seren TH promo?

As the latest Treasure Hunter promotion, Time to Seren RuneScape is active from Thursday May 9 to Monday May 13, 2019.

Get training rewards for Song of Seren RuneScape

During this Time to Seren promotion, you have a chance to gain specific rewards which can be used for skill training, including RuneScape silverhawk feathers, spirit onyx and more. These rewards are applicable to whichever set of skills that is active at the time, and are useful for skill training during Song of Seren RuneScape event from May 10 to May 13. There will be 1.5x XP in the activated skills among Support, Combat, Gathering and Artisan lasting for 2 hours. You could learn the details of RuneScape Song of Seren skill benefits if you are unclear about them.

Rewards gained from Time to Seren RuneScape

The following rewards are awarded in Time to Seren Treasure Hunter promotion, which can be used for skill training during RuneScape Song of Seren weekend:
Small combat training dummy crate
Small portable skilling pack
Medium dungeoneering token box
Medium combat training dummy crate
Spirit dragonstone
Protean cog
Protean plank
Protean bar
Protean trap
Protean hide
Protean log
Protean memory
Silverhawk feathers
Portable skilling pack
Medium skill training dummy crate
Large dungeoneering token box
Spirit onyx
Large skill training dummy crate
Large combat training dummy crate

Hope you could get what you want during Time to Seren RuneScape Treasure Hunter promotion. Moreover, seize the chance to get Free RuneScape gold at 3:00 am GMT on May 10 and always buy cheap RS gold from us.

The RSorder Team

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