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Find Hidden Easter Eggs for Chick-Axe & More in RS3 Easter 2019

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RS3 Easter event 2019 has started with the quest Guilded Eggstravaganza and a currency event Avoiding Dental Catastrophe. You can gather crystallised chocolate fragments for some new rewards, including the Imperial Coronation armour and Chick-Axe.

Avoiding Dental Catastrophe in RS3 Easter event

Avoiding Dental Catastrophe is a time-limited event in RS3 Easter event 2019. During this event, you can collect crystallised chocolate fragments for the Easter Bunny. The crystallised chocolate fragments can be obtained from skilling activities, killing monsters and daily challenges. There is a 25% bonus to currency earned in the Springtime Fete area.
Once you have collected fragments, you can add them to the central to form a giant egg. Easter Bunny will then de-crystallise the egg and give you access to a trove of rewards.

Hidden eggs with crystallised chocolate fragments

During RS3 Easter event 2019, there are also some hidden eggs scattered around Gielinor offering 50 crystallised chocolate fragments per egg. Here are some locations of these hidden Easter eggs RuneScape:
North-east of the Al Kharid mine in Al Kharid
East of Dunstan’s house in Burthorpe
South-east section of trees in Draynor Manor
South of Herquin’s Gems shop in Falador
Top floor of the Lumbridge church in Lumbridge
East of the Blue Moon Inn in Varrock
North room of the 2nd floor (UK) in Wizards’ Tower

Get RuneScape Imperial Coronation & Chick-Axe

You can unlock some rewards after collecting certain thresholds of crystallised chocolate fragments, including the Imperial Coronation armour and Chick-Axe RuneScape.
1500 fragments - Imperial Coronation Gauntlets & Imperial Coronation Sabatons
4000 fragments - Imperial Coronation Plate Legs
7000 fragments - Loves me, Loves me not rest (animation override)
9500 fragments - Imperial Coronation Cuirass
12000 fragments - Imperial Coronation Helmet
15000 fragments - Chick-Axe
RuneScape Imperial Coronation

You could also read our Guilded Eggstravaganza RuneScape guide if you haven’t completed the quest. RSorder can be your top choice to buy cheap RS gold with 100% security and fast delivery.

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