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Free 100M RS3 Gold and 20M RS07 Gold from RSorder Hide & Seek

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Does anyone remember how to play "hide and seek" when we are little kids? How about going back to childhood again and play hide and seek with us together? RSorder is going to offer you this chance. Join in rsorder Hide & Seek event, you have the chance to win 100M RS3 gold and 20M RS07 gold giveaways. With some hints shown on RSorder Facebook, try to find me in game, and you win free RS gold from RSorder.com.

What is RSorder Hide & Seek event?

Quite similar to the game you have played in real life, RSorder Hide & Seek event works the same way. One player from RSorder will hide in a random place in RuneScape. Your task is to find him/her out. If you are the first player who has found him/her out, you will win free RS gold from us. Beware, RSorder Facebook will show you a lot of hints, just don’t miss them!

How can I start my hide and seek in game?

1. You’d better join in our friend clan chat – “RSO_HnS” in game. This will help you find some fellows and increase your winning rate, after all, two hands are better than one.
2. All RS players can participate in this event, regardless of RS members or free players. Just don’t miss the time.
3. In total, our player will hide in game for ten times, each round is distributed 5 times.

When can I participate in RSorder Hide & Seek?

Round one: winning 100M RS3 gold @03:00 a.m. GMT on Jan.19, 2015.
Round two: winning 20M RS07 gold @00:00 a.m. GMT on Jan.20, 2015.

How to get your free RS gold giveaways?

RSorder Facebook will release some hints and clues for you to find our player faster, but you need to wait for the delivery of your free gold until the end of each round. Bear in mind, RSorder facebook will be the place where you can see clues and hints as well as winner lists of this event while our 24/7 live chat will deliver your gold.

Mark the date and free RS gold will never wait for you. Try to be as quick and wide-eyed as possible. Are you lucky enough to find me? I m ready to hide, are you ready to seek?

The RSorder Team

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