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Gather RS Valkyrie Feathers for Eir in Valkyrie's Return

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With the arrival of Valkyrie's Return, you can now help Valkyrie kill Hati, Sköll or Fenrir and win a series of rewards with the Huginn and Muninn Blade included. What’s more surprising is that now you can gather RuneScape Valkyrie feathers, a brand new item from skill training or killing the monsters, for Eir.

What is Valkyrie feathers?

As a new item released on 21 January along with 2019 Winter event, Valkyrie feathers can serve as the same function as currencies like Zamorakian emblems. It can be used in this specific event to unlock different rewards once the feather accumulated to a certain amount. The rewards you can get from different amounts of Valkyrie feathers can be showed as below.
Amount of feathers              Rewards you can unlock
2,000                               Jormungand Sword (both main-hand and off-hand)
4,000                               Jormungand Bow
6,000                               Jormungand Staff
8,000                               Jormungand Cape
10,000                             Jormungand Sword 2h
12,000                             Chariot Teleport
14,000                             Huginn Blade & Muninn Blade
17,000                             Valkyrie Bobblehead
20,000                             The Valkyrie title

How to gain Valkyrie feathers?

You can gain 500 feathers in total through killing the three monsters in the event with 150 feather from Hati orSköll, and 200 feather from Fenrir. In every three minutes, you can get 27-33 feather every three minutes from Mining and Smithing, and 22–27 feathers from almost all other skills. You can also get 74–90 from daily challenges and 148–181 from extended daily challenges. There is no daily cap for earning Valkyrie feathers, so you can store as many feather as you can earn in the currency pouch. 

Come and buy RuneScape gold from us and join in the winter event of Valkyrie's Return to gather RuneScape Valkyrie feather for Eir. You can win much more than Huginn & Muninn Blade.

The RSorder Team

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