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GE Web Page, Jad Pet & Slayer Come to RS 07 with Music Cape Changes

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EXP drop tracks, Jad pet, Slayer assignment and GE web page first come to RS 2007 in August as scheduled. Besides, there are some amazing changes and updates about Music Cape for Ironmen, Zamorak Mage fight in Wilderness and more. 

XP drop tracks, slayer & Jad Pet, GE web pages

With the monthly plan to Old School, the first four updates have hit the shelves, including XP drops, TzHaar slayer assignment & Jad task, Jad pet, and Grand Exchange Web Pages. All of these new features will work as we reported before. But there is still something about Jad Pet to be addressed:

1. Players have a chance to get a Jad Pet by taking a TzTok-Jad slayer task and killing Jad, or by talking to TzHaar-Mej-Jal just outside of the fight cave and sacrificing a fire cape at any time they want to sacrifice.

2. The Jad pet drops randomly, rather than having an estimated chance.

3. Players can take their stockpiled fire capes to the master and gamble on another chance to get the pet straight away. 

Adjustments to help unlock music cape

1. The issue that Ironmen cannot unlock the Fishing Trawler music tracks has been resolved so that they can attain the Music Cape smoothly.

2. Players who hadn't received the music track "Sigmond's Showdown" despite completing Death to the Dorgeshuun should now have it unlocked.

Now, Music Cape is waiting for you whichever player you are, Ironman or normal one.

Other news:

Barbarian Assault has now been re-enabled.

The spawns of the Fight Caves creatures will remain the same if you logout and in on to repeat a wave.

It is now possible to be attacked by a player in single combat wilderness zones if you are fighting a Zamorak Mage when attempting to dig for your clue scroll.

Players who intentionally overheat by using the pump too much at Blast Furnace will now be kicked out temporarily.

Players can now click slightly beyond the visible region of the mini-map in fixed mode, as they could before resizable mode was released.

TzHaar slayer assignment and Jad task are available already in game, as well as Jad Pet and other content. You can get cheap RS 07 gold from RSorder to fully enjoy all these contents now! Additionally, you also should fix your eyes on RSorder 07 RS Gold Flash Sale on August 17 to snap up some 07 RS gold for free.


The RSorder Team 

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