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Get Chickaxe in Avoiding Dental Catastrophe RS Easter Event 2019

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The Avoiding Dental Catastrophe and Guilded Eggstravaganza, two main parts of RuneScape 3 Easter Event 2019 come online on Apr. 15. You can finish the Easter quest, help Easter Bunny de-crystallize a giant egg, and win Chickaxe, Easter Armour and more. Also enjoy collecting eggs and Guthixian Butterflies daily!

Task list in RS Easter Event 2019: Avoiding Dental Catastrophe

To start your journey to de-crystallize the giant egg, you need find the Easter Bunny lingering around the Eastertime Fete in Lumbridge and Gielinor’s guilds. Talk to him, he’ll ask you to help collect some crystallized Easter hidden around Gielinor in case it causes Dental Catastrophe when people eat them. Here is your task list:
I.Collect the crystallized eggs.
1.Skilling is recommended when you look for the crystallized eggs.
2.Area in and around the Springtime Fete has higher drop rates.
3.Find Easter Bunny if you’ve collected all pieces of the hidden eggs. He’ll assemble them into a giant egg, and de-crystallize it to bring a small trove of goodies for all. 
II.Daily task: collect the crystallized eggs with crystallised chocolate fragment.
1.This kind of Ester egg scatter all around Gielinor. 
2.Each of them contains a large crystallised chocolate fragment.
3.If you want more large fragments, you need to finish side tasks for the guilds.
The rewards from the Avoiding Dental Catastrophe contains the Easter Armour, as well as a new item, Chickaxe.

Other tasks in RS3 Easter Event 2019

I.The Easter quest you need to finish in Guilded Eggstravaganza, which can be finished following the steps: Cooking a cake pie for the Chef’s Guild
1.Cooking a cake pie for the Chef’s Guild>>Creating swordsharkuna for the Fishing Guild>>Helping the Crafting Guild decorate an elaborate ornate egg.
II.Catch up to 10 Guthixian Butterflies daily for bonus XP.

Join in the RuenScape 3 Easter Event 2019 now, enjoy the fun in finishing Easter quest and helping Easter Bunny to de-crystallize the giant egg to get Chickaxe, Easter Armour and more. Remember, getting cheap RS3 gold from us is as easy as getting bonus XP from Guthixian Butterflies. So just dive in and enjoy the fun.

The RSorder Team

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