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Get Jar of dreams OSRS for Display of The Nightmare Boss

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A new item named jar of dreams has been released in game with the Nightmare update this month. Read the information below to learn how to get and use the jar of dreams OSRS.

General information on jar of dreams OSRS

The jar of dreams is a new item added to the game with the Nightmare OSRS update. It can be obtained from the Nightmare boss in the Sisterhood Sanctuary as a very rare drop.
After obtaining the jar of dreams, you can have a display of The Nightmare boss by using it on a boss lair display in your Achievement Gallery. Killing the boss at least once is required.

Other rare rewards from the Nightmare

In addition to the jar of dreams, there are some other unique rewards that can be obtained after defeating the Nightmare boss, such as the Nightmare staff, Inquisitor's mace, etc. The Nightmare staff OSRS is a new staff requiring level 65 Magic and 50 Hitpoints to wield. It can autocast offensive standard spells and Ancient Magicks.
Here are some very rare drops from the Nightmare boss:
Nightmare staff
Eldritch orb
Harmonised orb
Volatile orb
Inquisitor's mace
Inquisitor's great helm
Inquisitor's hauberk
Inquisitor's plateskirt
Little nightmare pet

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